It’s one thing getting visitors to your online store but encouraging them to purchase is another thing.  Boosting conversions is about ticking every box and ensuring you provide consumers with every reason to click the purchase button. Therefore, these top tips will help you to boost conversions.

Keep Navigation Simple

Making it simple for users to navigate around your site means that they will be able to find your products with ease. When you make each product simple to find, it will enable potential customers to find what they are looking for.

Effective Search Feature

It’s common for consumers to want to use your search feature to find what they are looking for. Therefore, make sure that the search function is easy to use and provide them with the opportunity to fine-tune their search and make it faster.

Enhanced Loading Speed

A slow website that takes an age to load will turn users away. As a result, you need to make sure that your website loads quickly, giving users exactly what they want as quickly as possible. 

User-Friendly Product Names

If your product names are user friendly then consumers will be able to find what they are looking for. While some products will have long, confusing names, it’s vital that you ensure that products can appear even if users search for products using relatively obscure search terms.

Make Deals and Promotions Stand Out

Consumers love nothing more than saving money or taking advantage of promotions, so make sure they stand out. If they are tucked away in the corner of your website or they are difficult to find then users are not going to know they exist. Make them stand out and you’ll soon find that consumers start making purchases.

Make Your Prices Clear

There is nothing consumers hate more than not being able to find the price of a product. This is similar to walking into a shop and finding a product that doesn’t have a price tag. It’s highly frustrating and if people don’t know how much a product is, why would they make a purchase? So, make sure the price stands out immediately and you’ll find that sales increase significantly.

Improve Your Descriptions

Consumers need information and they want it quickly. Therefore, your product descriptions have to provide consumers with what they need to know. Keep it simple, provide bullet points and ensure that they have all they need to make an informed purchase.

Use Clear Images

Images can help to support your product descriptions but also help consumers see what they are purchasing. Images allow you to focus on some of the main aspects of the product, helping to increase conversions.

Include Customer Reviews

Sold lots of products to lots of customers? Get their feedback and reviews and place them onto your store. People will often make a purchase based on the experience of others. Therefore, if people are raving about your service and products then people will trust you.

Make The Checkout Process Simple

While you might think that consumers adding products to their basket means that the deal is done, that is not the case. They can add products to their basket but they still have to complete the purchase. Therefore, make the checkout process intuitive and simple. If it is over-complicated they will look elsewhere.

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