Did you know that brand guidelines will provide you with the ability to maintain consistency when it comes to delivering the message of your brand? From your logo to your website and even your tagline, it all has to remain consistent and that is not possible without brand guidelines but what are they?

Brand Guidelines – What are they?

Simply put, these will help you use your branding elements by following a specific set of rules and utilising tools. Whether it is your designer or your content writer, they will all use these guidelines.

The guidelines will indicate the way in which your brand works and how the varying elements that make up your brand work collectively to create your overall brand identity.

What do brand guidelines include?

Every brand is different. Despite this, all brand guidelines will contain three common elements. This includes:

  • Typography, typefaces and families – all of which are associated with your brand
  • The colour palette of your bran
  • The various logo designs and how you use them

These are the most common aspects of brand guidelines although there are other elements that can be added. This could include the likes of graphic elements and symbols as well as wordmarks.

If your brand has a particular tone, then this will also be included although many of the elements within your brand guidelines will be determined by the elements that feed into your brand identity.

Why are brand guidelines so important?

Regardless of the size of your business, keeping your brand consistent is crucial and this is where brand guidelines can help. If you don’t have the guidelines in place then it could result in your brand message changing, simply because an incorrect element was used at the wrong time. So, here are the reasons for using brand guidelines.

Consistent Branding

Consistency will ensure that your brand works effectively. The guide implements rules by way of ensuring your brand continues to be recognised without limiting the ability to get creative. It ensures that the elements continue to look professional and are more effective when used. So, when they are used correctly, it will ensure that your brand is instantly recognisable and works for your business.

It Puts Rules and Standards in Place

It’s not just about the colour palette or the number of logo versions that you use because it is also about the rules and standards you follow when you use them. 

It will explain how and where to use the different logos and that will include spacing and even understanding when to use the logo or wordmark.

They make it possible to create a clear message whereby anyone following the guidelines will understand what they should and should not do with the elements. This all comes down to creating consistency.

Gives Access to Tools

While the rules will play a significant role, the guidelines will provide you with the tools to ensure that you maintain consistency when delivering a message from your brand. 

Collectively, the elements will create a message and so, the elements are the tools that you use to develop those emotional messages and communications that underpin your marketing strategy.

Ensures Clarity

It’s crucial that you keep your brand consistent. Even though not that many people will make use of the tools and elements that are included in your guidelines they still create clarity. This is down to the fact that you might look to expand your business and with that comes a need for clarity. This is where your guidelines will ensure they understand your brand identity.

You have spent time creating your brand from the ground up which means you know it inside and out. Someone new on the scene won’t but the guidelines will give them all they need to make sure they deliver your brand identity with clarity.

How do I create my brand guidelines?

After you have identified your colour palette, your brand tone as well as your logo and all other elements of your brand, you can then create your brand guidelines.

If you are a new business, then now is the perfect time to get your branding in place and if you are a brand that is established but you don’t have guidelines then we would love to help.

To find out more about our service, why not get a quote and have a chat with us or take a look at our identity and branding service to find out what we offer.

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