An Update on How We Are Working During the Covid-19 Pandemic

As we head into the 8th week of lockdown, we are slowly seeing the easing of some restrictions but still, for many businesses, things have not changed a great deal. The issue surrounding social distancing and a lack of office space and other issues are making getting back to some form of working normality a challenge. As a result, remote working is still the only feasible option out there for many.

At DNA Web Studio, we are still working remotely to help stop the spread while we are also implementing other changes to help create a safe way of working for staff and clients. 

So, with all team members working remotely, what does this mean for you?

Essentially, nothing will change for you from a progress perspective because we are still working on your projects while helping your business to thrive and grow during this challenging time. 

So, how are we making all of this happen?

The Importance of Internal Communications

We might be separated and working from home but we are still very much a team. As a result, communication is still very much at the core of what we do. Without communication, we would find it challenging to do what we do but we overcome that by using Slack. Slack is a brilliant platform from which we can work collaboratively, ask each other questions and work as a team. It’s a new way of working but now we are eight weeks into the changes, we are handling everything extremely well. So much so, our clients wouldn’t know the difference because the level of service still remains the same.

Managing Projects

We use TEAMWORK to help us manage our projects with efficiency and precision. It enables us to actively manage tasks across the team, ensuring that we deliver everything that we promise our clients. What’s more, we also use the platform to share our ideas and brainstorm, allowing us to remain as creative as we always have been.

We Also Take Care of Meetings

One of the things that we rely on as a team and to help us build relationships with our clients are meetings. Of course, with restrictions in place, we have had to take a different approach when it comes to meeting clients. However, we use Google Hangouts to ensure that we can still hold meetings. As a result, we can still keep our clients updated, we can still listen to their requirements and we can still work together to deliver the right results. All of this can be achieved from the comfort of your home.

The main focus for everyone during these challenging times is to remain safe and stop the spread of the virus. Where possible, the government is asking us to stay at home as much as possible. However, we may be apart as a team but this virus has brought us closer together in other ways. Therefore, we are still proud to be able to offer the same level of support that our clients need. We are available by phone, email and through video calls, ensuring we are still as contactable as we were before.

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