Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, various businesses and markets have been disrupted and shifting their focus to digital marketing and web solutions. 

With an expert web design solutions and one simple service, DNA Web Studio understands your business and what it takes to build creative and responsive websites that deliver measurable results and provide the end-user with a rewarding experience.

As an experienced web design company Lincolnshire, DNA Web Studio’s website design will give your business greater credibility and the ability to connect with your audience. The design process incorporates the requirements and ideas of the clients which is when the expert design team gets to work on bringing your website to life. This allows us to seamlessly bring together your branding, the correct design and a user experience that will drive sales forward. 

DNA Web Studio has a team of coding experts, UX design wizards and analysts that thrive on data. The websites created are mobile-friendly and responsive ensuring it supports the success of your business by giving seamless user experience, simple back-end management, and secure browsing. 

Our team can even take care of your web hosting too, even in the current pandemic times.

In response to the outbreak, creators, innovators, and marketers across the world have responded quickly with a bunch of ideas and innovations to the urgency posed by the pandemic by not letting the situation harm the business and come in the way of their customers.

Through this article, we’ll cover the aspects like uses of marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), use of landing page to increase sales, and contactless collections used by marketers and customers during this pandemic time.

This article will also help marketers around the world to strike a balance between protecting public health and ensuring they won’t run out of business.

Everything you need to know about the Uses of Marketing

Traditional Marketing is one of the oldest non-digital forms of marketing used to promote products and services through print, broadcast, newspapers, and billboards.

Due to advancements in technologies and opportunities various marketers are facing new challenges, competition and opted digital means for their survival.

Digital marketing focuses on an extensive approach in the selection of service, product, and brand by using mainly the Internet as a medium to promote. 

Some uses of marketing are:-

  1. Customer Engagement – Marketing helps in encouraging customer communication and building relationships. It is one of the most important techniques through which the company can distribute their messages to the target audience and making customer engagement. Social media plays an important role in improving the quality of services being provided by businesses over the digital network.
  1. Branding and Reputation – Marketers target consumers by bringing their products closer and setting up images about their brand, also known to be branding. Due to the ever-changing market and the changing role of consumers, value, and reputation are becoming more important. As the business grows over the years, the reputation associated with it also grows, thus, determining branding and brand equity.
  1. Act as a communication channel and build the relationship – Marketing acts as a communication channel for marketers to inform their customers about their products, services, promotional campaigns, or value. It helps in creating awareness and simultaneously helps in building trust and loyalty among its customers. Segmentation and delivering products right on time helps in building customer relationships with the brand.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is one of the digital marketing techniques that helps in improving the website’s search rankings in search result pages by increasing the website’s content relevant to the items searched. 

SEOs use an algorithm that is updated regularly making optimisation a target for advertisers. The higher the rank, the more visitors it will receive based on search results.

One of the questions that emerge in the minds of people is how optimisation or SEO works?

The answer to the question is – SEO checks across various factors like Crawlability, Mobile-friendliness, webpage speed, keyword search results or search intent, backlinks, content quality, visitors on the site, and other algorithmic-based factors to show the best and relevant result to its visitors.

DNA Web Studio helps your business to stay on top of SEO trends by implementing a proactive approach and strategies designed to get your brand noticed. DNA Web Studio SEO team of experts is based in Lincolnshire that creates the most profitable and sustainable SEO strategy.

Through in-depth analysis, SEO monitoring, web engagement, profile building, and Reactive & Proactive technical approach, DNA SEO Lincolnshire knows everything about SEO. The technical SEO team can help your business with Comprehensive Technical SEO Audits, App Store Optimisation, Website Architecture Review, Google Penalty Removal, Mobile SEO, and much more. Their ability to identify what works ensure you see a strong return on investment.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC or Pay per Click is an advertising tool that uses search engine advertising to generate clicks to your website and earn through it. It is used by advertisers on the company’s website and the earnings are generated for each click or the visit by the customer. 

Similar terms like CPC (Cost per Click), CPM (Cost per Mile) and PPM (Pay per Mile) are used in online advertising and marketing.

Advertisers and Marketers run ads through virtual images or video-based platforms. Some of the advertisements that use PPC framework includes:-

  • Display Ads
  • Web Banner Ads
  • Pop-Up Ads
  • Frame Ads
  • Overlay Ads
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Skippable and Non-Skippable Ads

DNA Web Studio provides you with High Performing Ad Campaigns PPC services. As a highly reputable PPC agency in Lincolnshire, they have the ability to identify the right PPC strategies by adopting a methodical and data-driven approach to complement business goals and attract the right audience. 

DNA Web Studio is Google Certified Ads specialists and Bing Experts that provide tailored and cost-effective Ad Management campaigns and are considered an expert PPC digital marketing agency Lincolnshire.

How Landing Pages Help Increase Sales?

Landing Page appeared on the web to precise the place where visitors lay right down to do a particular action, then leave quickly after doing this action, or maybe ignore it. They ought to be a separate webpage that sets apart from the main website.

They reflect the marketing message targeting a specific category set of the potential audience. There are lead generating and click-through landing pages that are limited to the target audience and others to directly influence or make a purchase respectively.

A landing page is a key driver of Sale as:

  1. Retaining Customers – Landing page consists of mailing recipients to directly communicate and influence a buying decision as compared to PPC campaigns that are hoping to bring the potential customer on the site instead of driving a sale.
  1. Increase in the Conversion – Landing page increases the opportunity in landing an actual sale and increasing the conversion rate.
  1. Increased Sales – The conversion rate might drive a buying behavior, thus, leading to a potential sale. The landing page helps bring potential new visitors and leading to higher ROI and sales.

Contactless Collection

Due to the outbreak and lockdown measures for social distancing, people have shifted towards contactless or Click to pay options to avoid any human contact while making physical or cash payments. 

Businesses and Marketers have implemented contactless collection at the time of the pandemic. Some of the options are:

  • Automated Check-Out and Self Service Machines
  • Contactless Payments via RFID tech, mobile wallets, etc.
  • Contactless home delivery 
  • Online Banking Payments

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