With the ever-growing need to keep ahead of there competitors and to stay up to date with there, online presence Dynamics Cleaners see a new and improve website launched.

After 4 years Dynamics Cleaners retire their old website for a new clean, fresh, and professional-looking website then will aid them in providing there new and current clients with all the information about there services they need.

Long term relationship.

DNA Web Studio and Dynamics Cleaners have been working together since they started trading in 2003 and the relationship continues to grow stronger.

We at DNA Web Studio have been providing ongoing website support and marketing advice to help keep a strong local presence in the Lincolnshire community via social media and search engine marketing.

The brief.

A new and improved look as well as keeping the feel and style of the old website was a must for owner Zuzana. The website needed to be easy to navigate and provide all of the information needed to allow customers a full and clear picture.

A major part of the redesign of the new website was to help aid a consistent brand and identity which in today’s world is highly important.

Also needed was an improvement of the current search engine optimisation of the website to boost and improve their current rankings.

The new website

With a fresh clean facelift and a strong WordPress website backend that allows for full control and ability to fully update the content of the website whenever and where ever needed provides a more flexible and robust solution to allow dynamics Cleaners to manage the site as needed.

A new look blog with improved imagery allows for a better and easier reading experience for visitors to the website.

Not only have we added a new look to the site a new quote request form and contact methods have been added to aid in visitors to get faster responses from Dynamics Cleaners.

Along with all of this the responsive mobile site has been vastly improve to provide a better user experience and ease of finding services and contact options.

It’s not just ok to release a website without ensuring the search engine optimisation has been improved and protected, using our own in-house checklist ensures that we give the new website a great chance to continue to move up the rankings and stay competitive.

What’s next.

The new website isn’t just a service-based brochure website, part of this development was to add a new e-commerce shop to allow for the sale of the eco-friendly products that the team of cleaners at Dynamics Cleaners use day in day out.

With the power of Woocommerce added will allow for a smooth and easy to use shopping basket and checkout process, helps to aid buyers in getting their cleaning products with ease.and the option of not leaving there home.

The new e-commerce aspect of the website is due to be released in the coming months and we look forward to seeing this go live and helping keep British homes clean.

Take a look at the end result (www.dynamicscleaners.com) and we would love to hear what you think.

Are you looking for a new and improved look to your website branding or support for your current website weather it is WordPress or Woocomerce and wants to know more than get in touch with our friendly helpful team today and let them answer all your queries?

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