Reliable, High-Performance, and Secured web hosting are some of the major key drivers for a well-established website. When it comes to developing a new website, choosing the right website host often gets neglected, leading to disastrous effects on your website and business.

“According to a report by Statista, it is estimated that more than half of potential new visitors leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to respond”. 

Choosing a website host is often seen as a burden on the pocket rather than a long-term investment. A host should be considered as the foundation of your website. You wouldn’t build a home on unstable ground, and neither does your website, without a host or secured hosting solution.

When Google announced including the web speed algorithm within the search ranking, the word web speed went viral within the SEO mainframe. Many years down the road, some are yet to understand the essence of speed, due to the aspect of web hosting being consistently ignored, and neglected.

Does web hosting play an important role in the speed of one’s site? What do you mean by fast secure hosting? The answer to all your questions lies right here within this article.

We’ve analysed and come up with a list of important information that will not only give you an overall understanding of the importance of fast secure hosting but will also resolve your queries on selecting the right web host for you.

Web Hosting and Fast Secure Hosting Servers | Explained

When you create a website, you typically create a bunch of various sub-files. These sub-files are needed to be stored somewhere to access it on the web. You pay a web hosting provider to host these files stored in a remote computer or server.

Once you visit a webpage or website, the files that are hosted are shown in your browser, making it extremely important for your business to find a fast, secured, and reliable host to meet your website requirements.

In simple terms, Web Hosting services provide resources for your website to connect to its potential new or existing visitors.

Hosting companies have collections of servers also referred to as data centres. Beyond these servers, there are tons of additional elements involved in providing you your services like backup power, network connection equipment, security tools, and storage devices to cater to the client’s needs. Your web host is additionally liable for things like server maintenance, keeping the programs and equipment updated, troubleshooting, and more.

Fast Secure Hosting uses advanced servers that aren’t overloaded or packed with data packets or sheets, allowing you to enhance the overall loading speed of your website. You’ve got to understand that these sorts of servers are necessary for reducing the overall time to connect to a potential visitor, thus increasing the chances of a sale and higher ROI.

Importance of Fast Secure Hosting

The importance of fast secure hosting may have been exaggerated by marketing companies, but the benefits extend far from the website. 

DNA Web Studio understands the importance of having a website that works. Web Hosting is delivered by experts that not only focus on design, accessibility but also ensuring the target audience finds you when it matters.

Let’s find out some of the importance of fast secure hosting.

  1. It’s all about Speed and Performance – Speed and performance of your website are very important to catch the attention of potential new visitors and retaining existing visitors. As the studies suggest, you only have about 3 seconds to catch the attention of the visitors until they’re gone.

When your site or blog has more speed you’ll put more content, video, and pictures thereon without any problem to slow your site down. Being able to optimise your site for speed is vital, and is merely beneficial if your hosting is fast to start with. 

DNA Web Studio makes sure that the website is responsive with super-quick load times that will enhance conversions and customer satisfaction by optimising web code and web hosting. With an unbeatable technology, their HP Enterprise servers run multi-core Intel Xeon processors to get the speed and performance you require.

  1. Enhanced Security & On or Offsite Backups – To match pace with the fast web hosting servers, you’ll need to get hosting that’s safer than shared web hosting. Web security is often neglected and realised when it’s too late. 

As you purchase home security alarms or insurance to keep you covered in case of any uncertainty, similarly, you want to take in proper security measures for your website to keep you covered from any hacking or phishing attacks.

There isn’t a fail-safe solution for keeping your website secure. However, there are certain steps that can be taken like firewalls, security plugins, and more. Many fast secure hosting providers offer free SSL (Secure Socket Layers) certificates ensuring any information that passes through your website is automatically encrypted, making it secure from any hacking attacks.

DNA Web Studio provides enhanced security and on or offsite Backups of your data, keeping your website and data security.

  1. It’s all about Uptime and Reliability – Server Uptime refers to how often your website is available online without any downtime. Most hosts provide more than 99.9% uptime, which leaves room for any necessary server maintenance that might temporarily bring your site offline.

DNA Web Studio provides high uptime and reliability, making sure your website is accessible 99.995% of the time.

  1. High Sale and ROI – When your site loads faster, high in uptime and reliability, on and offsite backups, and is secured, then you don’t need to worry about whether you’ll make the maximum sale and high amount money or not. 

Fast Secure Hosting comes with an overall package, providing support and solutions for your website, providing the maximum sales and high return on investments.

  1. Customer Support – Customer support service is some of the basic things you need to get from your host for your website and is often the most neglected part. Consider a scenario wherein your website is down and regardless of what you are doing, you can’t bring it back online. You’ve tried ‘n’ number of options, but still unsuccessful, for this reason, you’ll want to check customer support yourself before selecting your hosting provider.

DNA Web Studio, through its fast web hosting solutions, provides impeccable service from data centers, support teams, and offices based in the UK.

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