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I’m Becka from Clear Round Media (https://www.clearroundmedia.com), and Matt has kindly invited me to share some of my insights here on his blog. My expertise is in Social Media (https://www.clearroundmedia.com/services/), and my passion is creating a cohesive and consistent timeline for small, local businesses.

So, you’ve set up your dream business, you’ve taken the plunge and invested in a fabulous website and set up your social media channels. Now you sit back and wait for the customers to find you – right? Wrong! You need to be putting yourself out there regularly and getting in front of your target audience so that you’re right ‘there’ when they want to purchase.

Arguably the best way to do this, is create brand awareness. This essentially means creating a synergy in everything you do so that it’s instantly recognisable to your target audience. It can be as simple as choosing a colour palette and running it through your marketing, to creating a unique tone of voice. Think of M&S and John Lewis, and their use of language. You could listen to an advert by these and recognise it simply by their use of language and tone of voice. Or the recognisable ‘ASDA green’.

For all of my social media clients, I take their tone and aesthetic from their website and constantly implement this across their social media channels. That way even without a caption, or at a momentary glance whilst scrolling – their audience will know that it’s them.

A consistently updated and cohesive timeline helps you to keep ‘front of mind’, so that even if your customer doesn’t have a need for you right now – you’re in their minds as soon as they do. That paired with a website that matches your style is a winning recipe to create great brand awareness and ensure a great customer journey.

I can’t tell you how many wonderful social media feeds I’ve been on, to then visit their website and feel completely lacklustre about what I see. It doesn’t match up to what I’ve seen on social media and it ruins my customer journey and makes me doubt that what I’ve seen on social media is a true reflection. Flip it the other way and even if you have a fantastic website, if your social media channels are mediocre then no-one will be driven to see it!

The customer journey should be at the very front of your mind throughout all of your marketing. Is it easy for them to buy from you? Are you easily recognisable wherever they see you? If they fall onto your Facebook page, will they instantly know it’s you because it matches your Instagram? And most importantly does it all tie together? Think of it as a lovely home, moving from room to room through beautiful spaces that all pair together.

It doesn’t need to be a big job, just identify what you want your brand to look like and stick to it. Take my palette, it’s very light, bright and neutral. You’ll see it running through my Instagram feed (https://www.instagram.com/clearroundmedia/), Facebook timeline (https://www.facebook.com/clearroundmedia) and on every page of my website. On the other hand I have clients who like to be bright and bold – so we go with that across everything too!

If you’d like any more help or information then please do feel free to reach out to me!

Otherwise, thank you so much to Matt for having me!


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