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Don’t make life easy for your competitors. At DNA Web Studio, we’ve been helping businesses make their way through the competitive world of business by implementing effective strategies that achieve tangible results. Stand out and watch your business grow.

SEO, PPC & e-commerce marketing
that helps your business reach out.

Your E-commerce marketing strategy is the driving force behind the success of your online store. Creating the perfect blend of marketing strategies will ensure your store makes a real impact with your target audience. As a leading agency, we have experience and expertise that deliver tangible results that transform the success of your business.

Focused search engine optimisation.

Search engine optimisation ensures your business gets recognised by search engines and ultimately, prospective customers. We inject our knowledge and skills into the mix, ensuring your store gets ranked highly, reaching a wider audience that will be more receptive to what you’re offering.

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Data-driven pay per click campaigns.

We can help your store see quick results with paid search marketing. If you’re looking for a short-term solution, we can implement effective E-commerce related strategies that drive your store forward, increasing sales and brand awareness and reaching those customers that would not normally know you are there.

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Conversion optimisation for your website.

As an E-commerce store, it’s imperative that you give your users what they’re looking for. We ensure the entire process of using your store is streamlined, enhancing product engagement and making the conversion process as efficient as possible. Many things could be hold your customers back and stopping them from turning into sales.