You might have heard about an SSL certificate but you might find yourself wondering if your website needs an SSL certificate? What’s more, you might even be wondering what one is?

So, let’s begin by explaining what an SSL Certificate is.

It’s a Secure Sockets Layer Certificate or SSL Certificate and it is used to encrypt all information that is input on your website by your customers. This could range from information such as their name and address or even their payment details when it comes to paying for an item or service.

Now that you know what an SSL Certificate is, you can understand why you need an SSL Certificate on your website.

Websites that don’t have an SSL Certificate are becoming harder to view.

As the importance of online safety and security grows, so does the need for website owners to ensure that they are doing all they can to make it safe. Therefore, browsers are now displaying error messages to users, informing them that they are about to visit an insecure website and that they should not continue. This is a move that is forcing users to only use websites that have an SSL certificate.

It will encrypt sensitive information

Customers want to know that their information is safe and secure and that is why you need an SSL certificate. It will give your website more authority with users as it will show them that you take the safety of their personal information seriously. Therefore, their information will be encrypted and that will help to protect them from having their details stolen by hackers.

It gives you more authority with Google

Google takes security very seriously and this is very much the truth when it comes to SSL certificates. As a result, if you want your website to rank well and be found by potential customers then you are going to need an SSL Certificate.

Security is identified with a visible padlock

Most of us would have noticed a small padlock located in the address bar of your browser when viewing certain websites. This padlock is proof that your website has an SSL Certificate and it provides visual confirmation that you are considering their safety. As a result, if they see the padlock, they are going to feel happier using your website and are more likely to return to you again.

If you accept online payments, you’ll need one

If you take payments online then you are going to need an SSL Certificate as it is an important part of ensuring that you make the process safe. Visitors who are going to make a purchase are going to expect you to ensure that you have one and so, it is beneficial for you to have one. In most cases, you are going to have to have one as most payment provides require you to have an SSL certificate

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