If you are familiar with social media then there is every chance that you have come across an influencer. An influencer is someone who utilises their social media channels to reach out to a certain audience. Influencers have built up a following online and that instantly gives them a platform from which they can work and so, they have the ability to influence their followers. 

Their audience trusts them and respects them and so, they are going to follow them and perhaps do what they tell them to do. An example of this could be an influencer recommending a clothing line or a smart device, whatever it might be, the influencer is sharing these products with their followers. As a result, it has been found that up to 70% of buyers follow the recommendations of influencers, proving just how influential they are. This means that influencers can and should form a part of your marketing strategy if you want to reach a ready-made audience. So, why should you consider influence marketing?

It Builds Trust In Your Brand

Online competition is fierce and you now have to cut through the noise and stand out. Therefore, if you use an influencer, their respected voice will help to enhance trust in your brand and so, consumers will know who you are and they are likely to take action.

It has been found that 92% of consumers will trust recommendations from people they respect in the same way that they would trust recommendations from friends and family. Therefore, influencers can help your brand to build trust with ease.

They Can Reach a Ready-Made Audience

For any business, it can prove a challenge to reach its target audience. It can also take time too, but influencer marketing can help to cut out the hard work and get your products, services and brand in front of an audience. Therefore, using the correct influencer marketing service will ensure that you find the right influence for your needs. This will mean that they will share your brand to people who are already receptive to their recommendations and that means that you are going to see positive results.

Targeting an audience is a move in the right direction but commonly, you are going to need to win over their trust. However, an influencer will have already done this and so, building a relationship with the right influencer can yield some amazing results.

Enhance Your SEO

Influencer marketing is highly effective on its own but it can also help to enhance your SEO and that can help to improve your search rankings. If influencers are talking about your brand and discussing your products then your brand awareness is going to receive a very welcome boost. As a result,  this will mean that there is a lot of fresh content about your brand and that can increase awareness, visibility and engagement. What’s more, it will also mean that your posts, content and links are going to be shared. With your brand being mentioned from across the channels, Google will push your business up the rankings.

Enhanced Rate of Growth

Marketing takes time and it can come at a cost. There is a lot of planning involved as well as monitoring and tweaking. What’s more, attracting customers is a challenge and convincing them to come back is also difficult. However, influencer marketing can help to create twice as many sales as display advertising while the retention rate is as much as 37% higher. Therefore, influencer marketing not only attracts customers but it can help you to keep them.

It’s also crucial to mention that influencer marketing is also growing at a faster rate than other forms of marketing and it can achieve more than 10 times the ROI of banner ads.

It’s All Driven By Social Media

Consumers now spend a large amount of time browsing social media and you need to make sure your brand is where they are. It’s more common for people to browse Facebook or Instagram than go in search of ads elsewhere and that’s why you have to move with the times. Influencer marketing is growing and the shift is happening, so you need to go with it.

 If you want to build your brand then you are going to need to get it out there on the relevant social media platforms. Influencer marketing can contribute significantly to the exposure of your brand and that’s why you need to get it right.

You Get Fresh Content

We all know how crucial content really is but now it is taking many different forms and it is not just about words. Users online love to view new content and they will read new articles as well as watch newly released videos from bloggers. Influencers are good at what they do and they have the ability to create new content that focuses on your brand. It’s then possible for you to use this content helping you to increase your popularity and ranking.

What’s more, the content can also be shared, reposted in the future and reused in other ways, helping to keep your brand in the limelight for longer. Influencers are a new set of eyes and so, they will see your brand from a new perspective, enabling them to create highly effective content.

It’s Cost-Effective

The cost of an advertising campaign is not one of the main things to consider if it has a good ROI. Influencer marketing has an excellent ROU but it is a relatively cost-effective option that is simple to implement when compared to other advertising methods. 

In comparison to PPC, it can create more revenue and users are likely to view the content for seven times longer when it is created by an influencer.

The cost of influencer marketing is determined by the influencer. Some might require payments while others might take goods as payment while some won’t charge at all. 

Therefore, it is clear to see that influencer marketing has so much to offer when it comes to ensuring that your brand gets noticed and reaches the right audience.

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