DNA Web Studio worked with Epoxy.Ltd to help them adopt a new approach to the way in which they operated their online business. Selling high-quality epoxy resins to the boating and repair industries, it was vital that this small business made as big an impact as possible. This meant that they needed to stand out and make their brand and business more appealing to their target market. 

They Turned to DNA Web Studio

At DNA Web Studio, we have a lot of experience in all aspects of web design and marketing and so, they turned to us to help them take a new direction. We knew instantly that we had everything that they required to make that change and make an impact.

The original website was based on Magento 1.9 and we were able to identify that this was not a requirement for them. This was down to the fact they were not selling the right number of products for Magento 1.9 but we also identified that the cost of using this was significant, particularly as it was coming to the end of life.

Close Working

Our service relies on building healthy relationships with our clients. From the initial meeting, we ensured that we gained an idea of what they wanted to achieve as well as their budget. We also identified their target market and undertook all relevant research to identify the solution that worked for them. 

So, after reviewing product ranges and after competitor research, we came up with a design that looks like this.

epoxy homepage

For any online business, it is imperative that they make life as simple as possible for their customers. We know that they have a short space of time to give customers what they want and that means that we had to find a design that made the entire browsing experience one that was hassle-free.

We adopted a simple design that was sleek yet still professional looking. However, we placed an emphasis on ensuring that we made things as easy as possible for customers. What this meant as that they could navigate around the site and find the products that they require. With the entire process faster and more streamlined, it gave Epoxy.Ltd the opportunity to hit their target market and increase sales. 

So, we not only redesigned their website but we also moved them over to WooCommerce. This means that Epoxy.Ltd will not need to worry about the platform going out of date or reaching its end of life. This was crucial for them as it enabled them to look forward to a future where they can focus on other aspects of their business and not the platform that their online store is using. 

The entire experience was one that was extremely successful for Epoxy.Ltd. The simplistic design of their website has now transformed the image of their business which is important, especially at a time when it is crucial that we provide users with a simple, yet immersive experience from start to finish.

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