If you are considering changing the way in which you reach your audience, then you might be thinking about Facebook Ads, but do they really work?

You might have been told that they can help to increase conversions and profits by people who have experienced success with them. What’s more, marketing agencies have been speaking about them for some time. Despite this, you still might be sceptical about them. 

However, there is every chance that you have already come across Facebook ads while browsing your own news feed and Facebook posts. You’ve probably seen those adverts that pick up on things that you have been searching for, leaving you wondering how they work and how do they know what you have been looking for? In order to understand how Facebook Ads work, you have to look at things from a business perspective, so, do Facebook Ads Really Work?

Do They Really Work?

To be quite direct and to the point, there is no doubt as to whether they work or not because they do. Facebook has billions of active users from around the world but if you are talking about active users at any one time then you are looking at around 22% of the population. This is a huge amount of people that you can target and what’s more, over half of those people don’t just use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family. They also use it to find new products. 

Targeting Users With Facebook Ads

Facebook is particularly adept at tracking and targeting certain users based on a range of factors including demographics, their purchasing habits as well as their interests among other things. This is useful when it comes to generating leads as it enables you to create a tailored audience. As the information is collected, it is then used to create the perfect audience that is more than likely going to purchase your products or services. 

When you think about some of the other marketing options, you soon realise how effective Facebook Ads is. Think about a billboard and how that could be seen by thousands of people on a daily basis. How many of those people form part of your audience? How many of them are likely to purchase your services or products? The percentage is very small and that is why targeted Facebook Ads really work. Along with this, they can also prevent you from wasting money on advertising that doesn’t yield the same results.

What Makes Up a Facebook Ad Campaign?

So, we have identified that Facebook Ads work but what does a campaign consist of?

The first part is all about the campaign itself and what it aims to achieve. Is it to increase traffic to your website or even a physical location? Do you want to sell a new product? Whatever it might be, your campaign will be driven by this.

Next is the Ad set, as this is the audience you want to target. At this point, your audience will be driven by those factors we mentioned earlier such as demographics and purchasing behaviours and even things such as age and gender.

Finally, the ad will be the creative element that will entice people to take a look at your offering. It could be in the form of a video or an image. Again, whatever it might be, it has to capture your audience. 

So, Facebook Ads work extremely well and you can keep your ad spending low and still experience significant results. Therefore, if you utilise the services of an experienced marketing agency, you could increase the reach of your business and benefit from increased conversions and ultimately, profits.

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